EPS Subjects&Results

New Welding & Joining Process: High productivity & High efficiency Process Development

· Laser/arc hybrid welding of sheet materials: Al alloys, Mg alloys, Zn-coated steel
· Tandem pulsed MIG/MAG welding of sheet materials: Steel, Al alloys
· Friction Stir Welding (FSW): Al alloys, Mg alloys, Cu alloys, Stainless steel
· Spot Friction Welding: Al alloys, Mg alloys
· Braze welding: Al/Steel dissimilar metal joining, Diamond/metal joining

New Materials: Process Development and Weldability Evaluation

· Die-casting Al and Mg alloys: FSW, Laser welding, Pulsed MIG welding
· Heat-resistant Mg alloy (thixomolding): FSW, Laser welding
· Porous metals: Laser welding, Braze welding, Arc welding
· Metallic Glass (Amorphous materials): Laser welding
· Metal Matrix Composite: FSW, Laser welding

Surface Modification: Process Development

· Inline type carburizing system: Automotive parts
· Thermal spraying: Al alloy substrate
· Laser cladding: Repair of dies