Latest News

2018.3.12 JWRI Girls Fist seminar is held.
2018.3.1 Dr.Kazuki SHITARA is appointed Assistant Professor.
2018.2.16 Mr. Tanaka & Kamiyama successful complete of graduation's thesis presentation.
2018.2.14 Mr. Sannomiya successful completes of master's thesis presentation.
2018.2.14 Dr.Shen returns to Chinaand become associate professor in Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an.
2018.1.31 Dr. Chen returns to China and become professor in Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an.  
2017.11.16 Mr.Phawat & Kritsada(KMUTT)come as JST Sakura Science Program Internship students for weeks.
2017.11.1 Prof. Ma letured in AEARU workshop.
2017.11.1 Welcome internship student Mr. Rizwan from University of Malaya.
2017.10.30 Welcome Prof. Qian Ma (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) as Visiting Professor.
2017.10.2 Welcome research student Ms. Ammarueda & Mr. Patcharawat.
2017.9.1 Mr. Kamiyama & Mr. Tanaka pass the entrance examination for Master's Degree Program at Department of Mechanical Engineering,Osaka University.
2017.7.24 強度3倍のチタン材」is published in the newspaper.
2017.7.3 Mr. Fukuo got the award "JSPM Award for Best Presentation by Student".
2017.5.30-6.2 Prof. Kondoh, Dr. Chen, and Mr. Fukuo presented in JSPM Spring meeting 2017.
  Dr. Chen, Assoc.Prof. Umeda, and Prof. Kondoh got the award " JSPM Award for Innovatory Research ".
2017.5.23 Assoc.Prof. Umeda, Ms. Fujii, and Prof. Kondoh got the award "Best paper award at 2016 in Smar Processing Society for Materials, Environment & Energy " .
2017.4.1 Welcome visiting researcher Mr. Abdollah (UTM), B4 Mr. Kamiyama and Mr. Tanaka,internship student Mr. Jack (UC Barkeley)