Our Lab. aims to Elucidate Metallurgical Phenomena during Welding
based on Materials Science & Engineering
and to develop innovative welding & joining technique.

  • Elucidation of mehcanism of microsturucural evolution (solidification, phase transformation etc.) during welding & joining
  • Elucidation of infuluencing factors on defect formation (hot, reheat & cold cracking) and the mechanical properties of weldments
  • Development of technique for property modification and reliability evaluation by innovative method of microstructure control




Recent Topics

  ➢ Relationship between microstructure, mechanical properties and solidification sequence in weld
    metals of high strength steels
  ➢ Elucidation of mechanism of peritectic reaction in steel weld metals
  ➢ Microstructure control and prediction of the properties of stainless steel welds
  ➢ High functionakization of weld metals of duplex stainless steel using fine particles
  ➢ Elucidation of influencing factors on weld hot cracking susceptibility
  ➢ Modification of solidification cracking susceptibility            etc