Director of Smart Processing Research Center

   The Smart Processing Research Center (SPRC) was established as a research center in the Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI) on April 1, 2003 by consolidating two research centers (i.e., the Research Center for Ultra High Energy Density Heat Source, and the Research Center for Materials Recycling and Integration). Major objective of SPRC is to develop advanced joining technologies and materials processing with excellent control of nano- and micro-structures, thereby contributing to the establishment of next-generation manufacturing science and technologies that can enhance development of industries as well as minimization of negative impacts on the environment.
   In order to contribute to development of innovative joining technologies for strengthening global competitiveness as well as economic activation and for leading the world, it is required to create new scientific fields in the interdisciplinary research activities including advanced materials science with excellent control of nano- and micro-structures, 3-dimensional processing, and materials-surface and interface science.
   The SPRC consists of three research departments, i.e., 1) The Smart Coating Processing Department, 2) The 3D Nano/Micro Structure Control Department, and 3) The Smart Green Processing Department.
Through the close cooperation with three research divisions of JWRI for development of science and technology in joining and welding, the SPRC will promote cutting-edge research activities leading to technological innovation in the 21st century.