Joining and Welding Research Institute   - Its Mission -

  The major objectives of the Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI), the only institute of its kind in Japan that conducts “Joint Usage/Research Center on Joining and Welding”, are to better understand the fundamental mechanisms of joining and welding processes and the development of industrial applications using such technologies. Using various heat sources such as arc, plasma, laser, electron, ion and friction, and highly advanced systems for visualization, analysis, evaluation and simulation, JWRI has improved the efficiency, quality and performance of welding and joining, created advanced materials and composites, provided high performance surface modifications, and developed new technologies such as welding and joining in space or under adaptive control.
  In order to develop JWRI’s important features and also meet highly-diverse demands in global society, JWRI has been reorganized in 2016. Accordingly, JWRI has consisted of three divisions: the research division of “Materials Joining Process, for providing scientific bases for generation-conversion-transportation and interaction with materials for well-controlled multi-functional energies indispensable for the processing and constriction of advanced materials and the development of high-quality energy sources suitable for various material processing; the research division of “Materials Joining Mechanism”, for investigation of the physical and chemical properties of high performance joints and composites produced by welding and joining, and the control of the joint microstructure by highly-controlled material processing; and the research division of “Materials Joining Assessment”, for the construction of the total system of functional assessment for various structures from large-size welded structures to micro structures, together with the Smart Processing Research Center for advanced processing..


1964The Japan Science Council urged the Government to establish a National Welding Research Institute.
1966The Government made a resolution of realizing the above proposal.
1969Established Welding Research Center (Division of Welding Energy Sources & Heat Transfer) in Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University.
1970Set up Heat and Mass Transfer Division.
1971Set up Chemical Reaction Division.
1972Welding Research Institute was established as a nationwide joint use, starting with four research divisions (Welding Energy Sources & Heat Transfer, Heat and Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction and Material Physics) and two administrative units.
1973Completed an laboratory for common use, and set up Elasticity and Plasticity Division.
1974Set up Welding Instruments Division.
1975Completed a part of main research and administration buildings.
1976Set up Welded Structures Division.
1978Set up Fusion Welding Division.
1979Extend a main research building. Completed Research Building for Ultra High Energy Density Heat Source. Set up an administrative unit.
1980Set up Pressure Welding Division.
1981Research Center for Ultra High Energy Density Heat Source was established.
1987Completed Research Building.
1988Research Center for High Energy Surface Processing was established. Arata Hall of Osaka University was completed.
1995JWRI was appointed to an organization of "Core Research Organization Support Program" in the formation of COE, Center of Excellence.
1996Reconstructed the "Welding Research Institute" as "Joining and Welding Research Institute"
(3 research divisions, 2 research centers and 3 administrative units) by newly annexed with
"Research Center for Materials Recycling and Integration" that was reorganized from the
"Research Center for High Energy Surface Processing".
2003Newly established "Smart Processing Research Center", having joined and reorganized the former "Research Center for Ultra High Energy Density Heat Source" and "Research Center for Materials Recycling and Integration".
2004Osaka university shifted to a national university juridical person.
2005Unification of subsection in the administration division, to 2 units.
2006 Completed Cooperated Research Lab. Building(595m2
2007Set up Global Collaborative Research Center for Computational Welding Science.
2008 Administration department was enhanced.
2009 JWRI was accredited as The Joint Usage/Research Center.
2010 Set up International Welding Engineer Course.
Set up Joint Interface Microstructure Characterization Room.
2011 Set up Hitachi Zosen Advanced Welding Technology Joint Research Chair.
Set up Depatment of Eco Materials Processing in Division of Materials Processing System.
2013 Set up Osaka Fuji "Advanced Functional Processing" Joint Research Chair.
Set up Center to Create Research and Educational Hubs for Innovative Manufacturing in Asia
/Division of International Collaboration Research/Division of Global Human Resource Development.
2014 Completed Common Research Lab. Building(1472㎡)
2015 Set up Structural Integrity and Failure Assessments in Research Division of Materials Joining Assessment.
Smart Beam Processing of Smart Processing Research Center was closed.
2016 JWRI has reorganizated divisions.
2018 Set up Advanced Joining Technology Joint Research Chair.
2019 Set up DAIHEN Welding and Joining Research Alliance Laboratories.

General Directors

Welding Research Institute

1972Hiroshi KIHARA
1974Masaki WATANABE
1977Yoshiaki ARATA
1981Toshio ENJO
1983Yoshiaki ARATA
1988Nobuya IWAMOTO
1992Yukio UEDA

Joining and Welding Research Institute

1996Katsunori INOUE
2000Masao USHIO
2004Kiyoshi NOGI
2009Kazuhiro NAKATA
2013Seiji KATAYAMA
2015Manabu TANAKA
2017Fumiyoshi MINAMI
2019Manabu TANAKA

Gest Professor Advanced Engineering Science

1996〜1997 Tetsuya YAO
1998Shuichi FUKUDA
1999Hideo SINGU
2000Tadao ONZAWA
2001Yutaka KAGAWA
2002Toyonobu YOSHIDA
2003Shuji HANADA
2003Nobutaka YURIOKA
2004Takashi MIYATA
2005Kunihito KOUMOTO
2007Osamu TAKAI
2007Morinobu ENDO
2008Yoshiaki KAWATA
2009Tadafumi ADSCHIRI
2010Hideya NISHIYAMA
2011Tadashi FURUHARA
2013Toshihiko KOSEKI
2014Masaharu SHIRATANI
2015Nobuhiro TSUJI
2016Setsuo TAKAKI
2017Akihiko CHIBA
2018Koji SUGIOKA
2019Masahiko DEMURA

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