The Joining and Welding Research Institute (JWRI) is a unique institute in Japan, performing research in the broad field of welding and joining. JWRI consists of three research divisions and a research center; the “Division of Materials Joining Process”, “Division of Materials Joining Mechanism” and “Division of Materials Joining Assessment”, which deal with basic/core research, and the “Smart Processing Research Center” for advanced research on nanotechnologies. The aim of the Institute is to contribute to the development of joining/welding science and engineering to address the needs of human society. JWRI has been recognized as one of world’s three leading institutes in joining/welding research, and has recently been publishing the greatest number of academic journal papers on welding science and technologies.
  The institute was originally founded in 1969 at Osaka University as the “Welding Research Center” on the advice of the Science Council of Japan, to meet academic and industrial demands. Subsequently, it was upgraded to the “Welding Research Institute” in 1972. The institute was reorganized into the “Joining and Welding Research Institute” in 1996 to satisfy the increasing need for sophisticated and diversified joining/welding technologies along with the structural reform and globalization of manufacturing industry. JWRI has been recognized as the Joint Usage/Research Center on Joining/Welding Science since 2009 by MEXT (the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan). Thus, JWRI has been charged with an important mission throughout the progressive change from welding research to joining/welding research.
   Welding and joining are key technologies controlling the manufacture of products and structural components. Welding/joining of materials while making the most of their characteristics leads to successful manufacturing. JWRI is pursuing innovation in joining/welding technologies by the organic coordination of the three core research divisions, “Materials Joining Process”, “Materials Joining Mechanism” and “Materials Joining Assessment”, and the “Smart Processing Research Center”, all of which were restructured in April 2016.
  JWRI plans to further improve its attractiveness as a mecca for joining/welding research, to encourage the sustainable growth of joining/welding science, and to cultivate global leaders, through the following four strategies:
- An open institute for joining and welding research: JWRI, as the Joint Usage/Research Center on Joining/Welding Science, accepts annually nearly 250 research collaborators from national universities and public research institutes. Further, the JWRI International Joint Research Collaborator Program was established in 2015 to promote international cooperative research with qualified researchers of world-class level. In 2016, JWRI finalized a contract with Hiroshima Novel Manufacturing Research Center for progressing regional joint research between industry, universities and national research institutes.
- Interdisciplinary research: The Joint Research Project on Life Innovation Materials was launched in 2016 between six institutes at Tohoku University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Waseda University, Nagoya University and Osaka University, in which JWRI plays a key role. This inter-university project will facilitate the development of innovative materials for next-generation technology, using the capabilities of the six research institutes.
- The International Welding Engineer (IWE) course: JWRI started the International Welding Engineer course in 2008 to cultivate highly-qualified welding engineers, in cooperation with the Department of Materials and Manufacturing Science of the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. JWRI is the only ATB (Approved Training Body) in Japan designated by IIW (the International Institute of Welding). Since 2008, 88 students have received the IWE diploma. The IWE diploma will become increasingly important in the global strategy of manufacturing industry.
- Research and Education Hubs for Innovative Manufacturing in Asia: JWRI has been promoting the “Project to Create Research and Educational Hubs for Innovative Manufacturing in Asia”, supported by MEXT and in cooperation with the Graduate School of Language and Culture, since 2013. We launch the second phase of the Project in 2018 with two major schemes: 1) Acceleration of international joint research through JWRI research network with Universities in Asia, and 2) Cultivation of global leaders with a practical mindset by international internships for graduate students, known as “Coupling Internships (CIS)”, which are performed at Japanese companies in Asia (Outbound CIS) and in Osaka University (Inbound CIS).
   JWRI will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. Our institute serves as the world’s leading institute open to the research community of joining/welding science, and cultivates global leaders with sophisticated academic knowledge as well as technical knowledge relevant to the international community. Our staff dedicate their best efforts to lead the sustainable development of joining/welding science.
   We appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

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