Research field

In this department, based on the elucidation of the various phenomena at the joint interfaces of ferrous, nonferrous, non-metal materials at both macroscopic and microscopic levels, the interface formation mechanisms during various joining processes are clarified to create new interface control methods.

In addition, novel welding and modification processes are developed, mainly based on fusion welding methods and friction welding methods such as the friction stir welding, rotary friction welding, linear friction welding and linear friction stir welding methods, which are the core of the fundamental technologies having a great potential to produce new values. These developments are going to be used and focused simultaneously in our society in order to create a new research field and elevate the continuous growth of industrial competitiveness of our country.

Current Research Subjects

  1. Clarification of interface control and formation mechanism of friction welding (friction stir welding (FSW), rotary friction welding, and linear friction welding)
  2. The development of novel joining technique and surface modification processing
  3. Clarification of the formation mechanism of the fusion weld interface and molten pool
  4. Weld interface structure analysis
  5. Control of solid/liquid interface formation