Hotel reservation

The organizing committee of Visual-JW 2019 holds several rooms of Hotel Hankyu Expo Park (the venue of Visual-JW 2019 and WSE 2019), Sunny Stone Hotel ("Esaka" station area, Osaka subway, Midousuji line) and Shin Osaka Sunny Stone Hotel ("Nishinakajima Minamigata" station area, Osaka subway, Midousuji line) for participants. The room reservations are handled inquiries on a first-come and first-served basis.

Please make your reservation through the

On-line accommodation

If you need a visa to enter Japan, please enter your date of birth when creating your account.

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Other Hotels

Also, there are a wide variety of accommodation types available within 15-30 minutes from the main venue of Hotel Hankyu Expo Park. We do not make contract the special rate the below hotels and only give you the various Hotel Information near the venue.

Esaka station area (Osaka subway, Midousuji line)
Senri-Chuo station area (Osaka subway, Midousuji line, Osaka monorail)
JR Ibaraki station area (JR-WEST)
Minami-Senri station area (Hankyu Senri Line)